Memo from the President (Part 3) – March 24 2020 – RANGE CLOSED

Hello everyone,

It is with great sadness that I have to inform the membership of the OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB that as of midnight on March 24 2020 we are CLOSED until 9am April 8 2020.  (Unless our provincial government states different in the mean time).  I am afraid that the OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB is not an ESSENTIAL service.

During this time the security cameras will be recording around the clock.
Members of the EXECUTIVE will be checking IN on the facilities and making sure no one is breaking the temporary closure.

If you feel this closure does not apply to you, and you come out and use the range Your membership will be put before the  EXECUTIVE at our next meeting to be TERMINATED and if the club endures any fines because of your actions all costs will be passed on to you.

Making COVID-19 go away is quite possibly the biggest group effort all of us will ever participate in.

Please remember this is not my choice we are forced to do this CLOSURE for the health and safety of the world.

We are a club that is strong enough to pull through this situation and carry on as normal in the near future.

Keep in mind all the local business, especially the smaller ones that will require all of us supporting them when things open up again.

I Greatly hope that the next email I send to all of you is to announce good news, Until then please be safe and have fun at home.