Archery has been discipline at Otter Valley for as long as we can remember.  If you are a competition shooter, a hobbyist who enjoys flinging arrows, or someone how likes to stay sharp for hunting season;  Archery is a an excellent way to spend time in the outdoors.


Our indoor clubhouse has a 20 yard range that can accommodate 8 shooters.  A portable tin-test butt is wheeled into place when needed.  This is then moved back when done to allow indoor handgun/small bore shooting.  A portable safety curtain is provided behind the butt.  It is imperative that these both be moved out of the way when done shooting so the indoor range is clear for handgun/small bore shooting.

The scheduled archery night is on Mondays starting around 6:30 pm.

A single outdoor practice butt is also available on the pistol range.

3D targets are also available for outdoor shooting.  They are located west of the club house (follow the hydro lines).  Please use field tips only.  No Broad heads !  Otter Valley has recently purchased some new 3D targets.   You can use Traditional Archery Equipment, Compound Bows, or Crossbows on our five 3D archery stations.

Please contact Mark Hopper (519-866-5440 – or Michael Gosselin (519 688 0061 – if you have any questions.