Trap Shooting

Otter Valley has helped produce some fine trap shooters over the years. Our trap segment boasts four trap fields,  that have automatic traps and voice calls . Our club holds registered shoots each year.

At present we participate in a winter interclub with four other clubs, and summer interclub with one other club.

Summer hours for trap are Wednesday at 4 pm and Sunday starting at noon.

Winter hours are Sundays noon to 5 pm. Unless there is a an interclub event then we shoot Saturday starting at noon.

Cost – $4.00 for a practice round. $2.00 for juniors.

For more information please contact William Toronyi (519-842-4360) or Bob Vanbelois (519-550-0434 or

Trap Dates

The dates for summer interclub are :

April 24 – Verschoyle                                            May 1 – Otter Valley                                          May 29 – Verschoyle

June 12 – Otter Valley                                           June 19 – Verschoyle                                       July 3 – Otter Valley

July 31 – Verschoyle                                             August 7 – Otter Valley                                     August 28 – Verschoyle

BBQ and corn roast August 28 at Verschoyle with shoot offs

Shooting starts at 5 PM

Registered ATA Shoot Dates :

April 14  Registration starts at 9 AM , Event starts at 10 AM .

May 5    OPTA sponsored shoot , Registration starts at 9 AM , Event starts at 10 AM .