Trap Shooting

Otter Valley has helped produce some fine trap shooters over the years. Our trap segment boasts four trap fields,  that have automatic traps and voice calls . Our club holds registered shoots each year.

At present we participate in a winter interclub with five other clubs, and summer interclub with one other club.

Summer hours for trap are Wednesday at 1 pm and Sunday starting at noon.

Winter hours are Sundays starting at noon .

Cost – $6.00 for a practice round. $3.00 for juniors.

For more information please contact William Toronyi (519-842-4360) or Bob Vanbelois (519-550-0434 or


Trap Practice :

We will be shooting practice on Wednesday afternoons starting at 1 PM for the months of March and April


Let’s Play a Game :

Wednesday’s and Sunday’s starting at 12:30 trap #2 will be loaded with 540 targets , mixed in the stacks will be 2 solid black targets . If you get a black target , AND HIT IT , you get a free round of  trap . See you out there !



Registered ATA Shoots

To be announced .


Summer InterClub 



2023 Trap Championship

Rick Marlatt is the club champion


2024-2025 Winter Interclub

Each shoot will start at 10am  ,  Contact Bill Malcolm for a squad time slot .  519-649-8364

Entry fee for each event is $25

This year there will once again be six clubs participating in the league and events will be held on Sundays

(Any member of the six Southern Counties Clubs can participate ) 


Sunday Nov 17/24 – St Thomas                               Sunday Nov 24/24 – Verschoyle                                   Sunday Dec 8/24 – Glencoe

Sunday Dec 15/24 – Otter Valley                             Sunday Jan 5/25 – Kippen                                            Sunday Jan 12/25 – Crumlin

Sunday Jan 26/25 – St Thomas                               Sunday Feb 2/25 – Verschoyle                                     Sunday Feb 16/25 – Glencoe

Sunday Feb 23/25 – Otter Valley                            Sunday Mar 9/25 – Kippen                                           Sunday Mar 16/25 – Crumlin




Daily Targets $25

High Score 12 shoot jackpot $10

Daily High Gun $10

Daily Lewis $10

Practice $7

Shoot starts at 10 Am

Youth under 18 as November 18 2023 , targets are free but Daily high gun and Daily lewis cannot be played



Inter Club :

Inter club is an event where shooters shoot 25 targets from 16 yards and 25 targets from their Handicap yardage (if the shooter does not have a known handicap yardage 20 yards is used as a starting point) . The two scores are added together to give you a score out of fifty . The top five scores from each club are added together and which ever club has the greatest total for the day wins points .

If a shooter has a bad day it in no way effects the club standing but if they have a good day they could be the score that helps secure a win . After all the shoots in the season are completed a winner is determined by the number of points each club has earned .  More shooters means more chances for a few good scores , so come out and support your club !

Inter club is a great opportunity to travel to other clubs and see their facilities and meet different people .