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Promoting the responsible sport of firearm and archery shooting.

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  • 2023 Sporting Clay Dates

    2023 Sporting Clay Dates: ( These dates can change without notice. Please check back here before each event or look on our Facebook page for updates ) Jan 22 2023 Feb 19 2023 Mar 26 2023 Apr 16 2023 May 14 2023 June 4 2023 July 9 2023 Aug 6 2023 Sept 10 2023 Oct 1 2023 Nov 5 2023 Dec 26 2023    

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No hunting allowed

The Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club is located on a 50 acre forested area just outside of Straffordville.

We have a full clubhouse with indoor shooting facilities, a kitchen and meeting area, an outdoor 200 yard rifle range, a pistol range, 4 trap fields, 10 station sporting clay range, and a large fishing pond.

Our clubhouse along with many of our shooting facilities are handicap accessible due to a recent upgrade made from a generous Trillium Foundation Grant.

We offer:

In the 2007-2008 year we received an Ontario Trillium Grant to enhance our clubs facilities, making it safer, more accessible and more energy-efficient. Our pond was included in this grant and received a thorough clean up which enhanced our spring fishing derby.