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Promoting the responsible sport of firearm and archery shooting.

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  • Membership Renewal

    Your membership can be renewed at the club house starting in October. Please go to our membership renewal page or click the link below for more info. http://ottervalleyrodandgunclub.com/membership-renewal-2021-22/      
  • 3D Archery Range Temporarily Closed

    The 3D Archery Range is Temporarily Closed.   Some of the 3D targets that the club purchased have gone "missing".  We are looking into how they left the club property.  If anyone has seen any suspicious activity or have any info on the whereabouts of the 3D archery targets please contact Rick Szucsko – 226 231 3145 – rickyratchet@hotmail.com. We are working on a...
  • Are you interested in helping your club?

    We are looking for people to help out to keep our club amazing. The club is run by volunteers who are passionate about firearms, fishing rods, and bows. Please contact the number below if you are interested in helping out a segment of the club.   PRESIDENT - Rick Szucsko - 226 231 3145 - rickyratchet@hotmail.com  

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The Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club is located on a 50 acre forested area just outside of Straffordville.

We have a full clubhouse with indoor shooting facilities, a kitchen and meeting area, an outdoor 200 yard rifle range, a pistol range, 4 trap fields, 10 station sporting clay range, and a large fishing pond.

Our clubhouse along with many of our shooting facilities are handicap accessible due to a recent upgrade made from a generous Trillium Foundation Grant.

We offer:

In the 2007-2008 year we received an Ontario Trillium Grant to enhance our clubs facilities, making it safer, more accessible and more energy-efficient. Our pond was included in this grant and received a thorough clean up which enhanced our spring fishing derby.