Memo from the President (Part 2) – March 22 2020

Good morning Everyone

As per premier Doug Ford’s public address on Tuesday March 17 which was about EMERGENCY MEASURES that were put into effect on that day one of the items mentioned was the closure of ALL INDOOR RECREATION FACILITIES

It can be looked at in several ways but no matter how you skin it. A indoor shooting range is a recreation facility.

Also with the close quarters at OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB’S indoor shooting range it will be very difficult if not impossible for two people to walk past each other and maintain the 6 foot social distancing safety measure.

Remember those teen dances you used to attend oh so many years ago and that crusty old ____________ was walking around with a one foot ruler making sure you kept your distance. Now they are using six of those rulers all welded together.

So as the world currently turns here in our neck of the woods the INDOOR RANGE at OVR&GC is CLOSED until further notice.

This means that the code on the door has been changed so you can’t think it doesn’t apply to you and go use it anyway.

The OUTDOOR ranges are still OPEN.
Please remember the social distancing thing and let’s use every other shooting station to provide a safe distance.

Trap can use ALL 5 stations as they are within the required safety distancing.

Please keep the amount of people in the clubhouse to the absolute minimum.

Once again if you are in self isolation have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone with symptoms STAY AWAY from OVR&GC. The club will still be here waiting for you when the painfully long 14 days passes by.

This will all be a memory soon if we all do our part.

Remember to stay connected with friends and family during this changing times.