Guests at the Range

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The executive team has been very busy reviewing all the COVID protocols and staying on top the latest news and updates.

At this time they feel we are safe to open the range up to guests.  Please read below carefully.


All members and guests must sign in.

Members must wear / display their membership card at all times.

Members are responsible for the guest they bring.


At the Handgun ranges, Rifle range, Archery range, and Fishing Pond = A member in good standing is allowed to have ONE guest at the range.


Trap = guests are welcome


Sporting Clays = guests are welcome


Thank you


Sporting Clays – Clay Crusher – August 9th

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Thank you to everyone who came out to our August 9th Sporting Clay event.

We hoped you enjoyed the time spent in the outdoors.

Below are the winners of the Clay Crusher Towels

Our next Sporting Clay event is September 13th.   We hope to see you all out.







Monthly Executive Meeting – August

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Good Day Everyone

Once again the monthly meeting is fast approaching and we are still under restrictions

So at this point the monthly meeting is being restricted to DIRECTORS & EXECUTIVE ONLY

Please remember that if you need to apply for the controlled deer hunt you only have until the end of this month (AUGUST)

As always remain safe at all times



Message from the President – Guests at Range

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Good day everyone

The topic of guest(s) at the range has been a popular topic with everyone since we have been allowed to reopen

Step one has been past by the EXECUTIVE & DIRECTORS at the June meeting to allow guests to the range for our PAY TO PLAY events
Example: 5-Stand, Sporting Clays, Trap

It was decided at the July meeting to wait until the August meeting to make a decision on allowing guest(s) to the range for ALL other segments

It was decided at the July meeting to open the indoor range with capacity restrictions

I would also like everyone to read the following message

It is well understood by everyone that we are currently living in a time that non of us were accustomed to and that disinfecting wipes are being used more often then Tim Hortons pours a cup of coffee
With that being said if you choose to use disinfecting wipes during your visit to the range please dispose of them in a proper manner ie: trash receptacle

If you feel that you need to dispose of your disinfecting wipes on the ground where you finished using it I am going to be BLUNT and say don’t bother coming to the range

We have members that VOLUNTEER their time to keep our facilities in tip top condition and don’t like having to pick other peoples TRASH up that are being left on the ground

Until next time stay safe and have fun

President OVR&GC


Sporting Clays – Fun in the Sun – July 12 2020

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Thanks to everyone who came out to our recent Sporting Clay Event. We hope you had fun and enjoyed being in the outdoors.  A big thanks to Clay Crusher for donating some fantastic shooting towels. These towels are excellent for carrying on your belt when out breaking targets. With these towels you will not only improve your score; you will also look amazing doing so.  We took all the participants who attended the last shoot and drew two names at random to receive these two beautiful towels.
Drum roll please…the winners are…
Ryan Bremmers
Lucas Richardson
Congratulations! We know you’ll love these great towels.
Please check out the Clay Crusher Facebook page. They are an excellent local organization who promote clay shooting, and have lots of great apparel to wear while enjoying your favorite sport.
Our next Sporting Clay shoot is August 9th
Stay safe, stay positive, and have fun.

Monthly Executive Meeting Info – July

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Good Day to ALL
Hope everyone is staying well
This is a reminder that the July meeting is this Wednesday July 8 2020
Once again due to provincial government rules we are limiting the meeting to executive and directors ONLY
If you have something that needs to be discussed at the meeting please contact the segment director so that they can bring it forward
Remember to enjoy the warm weather it was only 2 months ago that we had snow on May 9th


President OVR&GC


Monthly Executive Meeting Info – June

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Good evening,

Hope everyone is well.

We will hold the monthly executive meeting as scheduled on Wednesday June 10th at 7:30 pm.

Due to current social distancing regulations and our limited space the meeting will be RESTRICTED TO EXECUTIVE, DIRECTORS, AND CHAIRMAN ONLY.

I apologize to all members that wish to attend but are not allowed to.

If you have an issue that the board needs to address please contact the director of that segment so your concern can be brought up at the meeting.