Monthly Executive Meeting Info – July

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Good Day to ALL
Hope everyone is staying well
This is a reminder that the July meeting is this Wednesday July 8 2020
Once again due to provincial government rules we are limiting the meeting to executive and directors ONLY
If you have something that needs to be discussed at the meeting please contact the segment director so that they can bring it forward
Remember to enjoy the warm weather it was only 2 months ago that we had snow on May 9th


President OVR&GC


Monthly Executive Meeting Info – June

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Good evening,

Hope everyone is well.

We will hold the monthly executive meeting as scheduled on Wednesday June 10th at 7:30 pm.

Due to current social distancing regulations and our limited space the meeting will be RESTRICTED TO EXECUTIVE, DIRECTORS, AND CHAIRMAN ONLY.

I apologize to all members that wish to attend but are not allowed to.

If you have an issue that the board needs to address please contact the director of that segment so your concern can be brought up at the meeting.



Range Re-opening Announcement and New Rules

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After reviewing the latest announcement from Premier Doug Ford we will be reopening the 
outdoor ranges only starting Tuesday May 19, 2020. 

Please read the following carefully.  

The Rifle Range and Outdoor Handgun Range are open to Members only.

All club members must clearly display their membership badge at all times.  If you are asked 
to show your club badge and are unable to do so, you will be asked to leave the facilities 
until such time you are able to comply with this mandate.

PROPERTY.  All members must remain 2m apart at all times.

We anticipate an increased volume of shooters in the first week(s) of reopening. 
If there is an increased number of shooters, and given the new capacity restrictions, there very
well may be an increase in wait times to access the firing line. 
We ask that you be patient and respectful of all other members. 
If the range is excessively busy, please respect other members.

Wearing a mask is not mandatory but recommended.  

We also suggest bringing hand sanitizer or gloves from home.
If you are not feeling well please do not come to the range.  

Please wash your hands before and after your visit to the range. 

The clubhouse and indoor range will not be open.  

Rifle Range Rules:
- All existing rifle range rules must be followed as well as the following:
- Maximum of 5 people at the rifle range 
- Use every other shooting bench.  Please use shooting lanes 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14.  
- Physical distancing must be practiced (6' apart)

Outdoor Hand Gun Range Rules:
- All existing range rules must be followed as well as the following:
- Maximum of 3 people at the handgun range 
- Use every other shooting bench. 
- Physical distancing must be practiced (6' apart)

Trap Range Rules:
- All existing range rules must be followed as well as the following:
- A Trap Director will be present and will inform you of the new physical distancing rules as 
  you enter the trap field. 
- Physical distancing must be practiced (6' apart)

Outdoor Archery Range Rules:
- All existing range rules must be followed as well as the following:
- Physical distancing must be practiced (6' apart)

Sporting Clays:
- On hold for the time being.  More info to come.  
- May 24th event has been canceled. 

Let's all be safe and smart about this and wait for the next step from our government.  
We will review these rules as new information is released.  
But if members do not follow the rules above then we will be forced to close.

Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club

Range Closure Update – April 4th

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I am sending this email to all the wonderful members of the OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB that have been so patiently been waiting for the range to reopen.

I have NEWS

As of 11:59 pm Saturday April 4 2020 the mandatory closure of NON-ESSENTIAL business, services etc. etc. has been extended for another two weeks.

So at this point

We get to keep waiting

I am NOT advertising a REOPENING date until we are officially told we can reopen.

The OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB is CLOSED to all of us and will reopen when we are LEGALLY allowed to.

So in the meantime keep watching Richard Simmons workout videos or whatever other reruns you can find that aren’t worth watching.

Please let’s all do our part to stay safe and pull through this together, so we can get back to everything we love to do.

The April executive meeting has been CANCELED



Memo from the President (Part 3) – March 24 2020 – RANGE CLOSED

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Hello everyone,

It is with great sadness that I have to inform the membership of the OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB that as of midnight on March 24 2020 we are CLOSED until 9am April 8 2020.  (Unless our provincial government states different in the mean time).  I am afraid that the OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB is not an ESSENTIAL service.

During this time the security cameras will be recording around the clock.
Members of the EXECUTIVE will be checking IN on the facilities and making sure no one is breaking the temporary closure.

If you feel this closure does not apply to you, and you come out and use the range Your membership will be put before the  EXECUTIVE at our next meeting to be TERMINATED and if the club endures any fines because of your actions all costs will be passed on to you.

Making COVID-19 go away is quite possibly the biggest group effort all of us will ever participate in.

Please remember this is not my choice we are forced to do this CLOSURE for the health and safety of the world.

We are a club that is strong enough to pull through this situation and carry on as normal in the near future.

Keep in mind all the local business, especially the smaller ones that will require all of us supporting them when things open up again.

I Greatly hope that the next email I send to all of you is to announce good news, Until then please be safe and have fun at home.




Memo from the President (Part 2) – March 22 2020

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Good morning Everyone

As per premier Doug Ford’s public address on Tuesday March 17 which was about EMERGENCY MEASURES that were put into effect on that day one of the items mentioned was the closure of ALL INDOOR RECREATION FACILITIES

It can be looked at in several ways but no matter how you skin it. A indoor shooting range is a recreation facility.

Also with the close quarters at OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB’S indoor shooting range it will be very difficult if not impossible for two people to walk past each other and maintain the 6 foot social distancing safety measure.

Remember those teen dances you used to attend oh so many years ago and that crusty old ____________ was walking around with a one foot ruler making sure you kept your distance. Now they are using six of those rulers all welded together.

So as the world currently turns here in our neck of the woods the INDOOR RANGE at OVR&GC is CLOSED until further notice.

This means that the code on the door has been changed so you can’t think it doesn’t apply to you and go use it anyway.

The OUTDOOR ranges are still OPEN.
Please remember the social distancing thing and let’s use every other shooting station to provide a safe distance.

Trap can use ALL 5 stations as they are within the required safety distancing.

Please keep the amount of people in the clubhouse to the absolute minimum.

Once again if you are in self isolation have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone with symptoms STAY AWAY from OVR&GC. The club will still be here waiting for you when the painfully long 14 days passes by.

This will all be a memory soon if we all do our part.

Remember to stay connected with friends and family during this changing times.





Memo from the President (Part 1) – March 16 2020

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Hello Everyone

At this point every leaf in the forest is aware of the current world wide health outbreak

I hope nobody takes it as a surprise but at this time March 16 2020 @ 9pm I am canceling all organized events at OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB until the EXECUTIVE reviews the situation at the regular executive meeting on April 8 2020
At THIS point all events currently scheduled for after April 8 WILL PROCEED as scheduled ( subject to change )

I am not asking I am telling everyone in this email that the meeting on April 8 2020 will only be open for EXECUTIVE members and CHAIRMAN

During this time the range will remain OPEN for regular everyday use as most daily activities involve a small number of people in an outdoor environment
Trap practice will proceed as normal unless posted otherwise

Please don’t be afraid to use our beautiful facility

If you are in a self ISOLATION situation or showing / feeling Signs of Covid-19 DO NOT come out to the OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB

As usual WASH your HANDS ASAP after using any range

Be safe have fun and respect all members as many people have different views on this health situation and we all have to do our part to help keep it to a minimum




Interclub Banquet Canceled

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Our interclub season concluded this past Sunday . Ottervalley held second place . Our very own John Konigshofer was high overall shooter for the season , way to go John .

The awards banquet that was scheduled for April 18th has been cancelled for the time being . Hopefully we can reschedule when things have settled down but it seems the responsible thing to do at this time is cancel .


Winter Interclub Results – March 1st – Crumlin Sportsmen’s Association

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On March 1st we had our second last Southern Counties Winter Interclub held at The Crumlin Sportsman Association.

We thought the blue sky was going to come out and keep us warm, but a cold south wind picked up to make the targets dance and keep us on our toes.

Holding an event with this many shooters is no easy task but The Crumlin Trap Section did an amazing job making the event run smoothly.

It was a nail biting shoot this time; the scores were very close.  Only a 3 target spread between first and fourth place.

John Konigshofer was the high shooter for Otter Valley with a perfect 50 !!    John would not settle for chipping targets today.  Every target was centered and hit hard.  Nice shooting John !!


Below are the club scores:

Otter Valley & Glencoe tied = 224 = 4.5 points

Verscholye = 223 = 3 points

Crumlin = 222 = 2 points

St Thomas = 221 = 1 points


The High Daily shooter was Jim Wood with a 47.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this event run smoothly.


We hope to see you Sunday, March 15th at The St. Thomas Gun Club for our final Southern Counties Winter Interclub.









Winter Interclub Results – Feb 23th – Otter Valley Rod & Gun Club

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On Feb 24th we had another Southern Counties Winter Interclub held at Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club.

We had a beautiful day to spend time together in.  The bright sunshine kept us warm and made the targets shine.

Big thanks to the kitchen staff (Bud V and helpers). The hot coffee and excellent lunch kept everyone cheery and at the top of their game.

John Konigshofer was the high shooter for Otter Valley with a 47.    Nice shooting John !


Below are the club scores:

Glencoe = 231 = 5 points

Verscholye = 226 = 4 points

Otter Valley = 223 = 3 points

St Thomas = 223 = 3 points

Crumlin = 220 = 1 points


The High Daily shooter was Dave Cutler with a 49.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this event run smoothly.


See you next Sunday, March 1st at The Crumlin Sportsman Club for another Southern Counties Winter Interclub.