Indoor Range has Reopened

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The range has been reopened but a strict three person limit is still in place . Shooting is permitted on every other lane so that distancing can be maintained . If you arrive to use the range and there are three members using it please wait outside for them to finish . If you are on the range and someone is waiting please be respectful and finish up so they too can enjoy the full benefit of their membership . MEMBERS are to be given priority over Guests . If this turns into a problem we may have to go back to no guests , so please be considerate .

Masks are still mandatory at all times on club property .

Thank You



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The Executives have voted in favour of keeping the ranges open at this time . The guide lines handed down indicate that Gun Clubs may remain open . However we have agreed that  MASKS ARE MANDATORY  at all times on club property and physical distancing of 2 meters or approximately six feet needs to be strictly adhered to .

Non compliance will result in the club grounds being closed to all members .



COVID Update – Indoor Pistol Range Closed

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Hi Otter Valley Rod and Gun Members,

As of December 26th 2020, at 12:01am the OVRG Indoor Pistol Range will be closed to meet the new Covid-19 Guidelines.
Every other shooting bench on the rifle range, designated by the missing target boards, are also off limits.  This is to keep the 2 meter social distancing policy in place.
The Outdoor Pistol Range will be limited to 3 people as well.
All members are asked to wear their OVRG membership cards.  Members will take precedent over guests.
Thank you,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from OVRG

Interclub Results

2020/2021 Winter Interclub

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No Practice rounds on the day of the shoot.

Participants will shoot a round of 16 yard targets then a round of handicap targets.

Cash prizes for High Over All, High 16 yard, High Handicap,

and High yardage group (19-20, 21-22, 23-24, 25-27).

There will be twelve events.  Your eight best scores will count to your final score.

Any Member of one of the five Southern Counties Club can participate.  If you are not a member of one of the three hosting clubs you will be “drafted” to one of the hosting clubs

Entry fee is $15 for each event.  Each shoot will begin at 11am

Food will NOT be available at the clubs

Please sign in, shoot, then leave in a timely manner to minimize number of people at the club

We are working on setting up a pre-squading with pre-determined time slots.  More info about pre-squading will be provided at the first shoot.

If you are not feeling well or have symptoms of COVID do not attend these events.

If you have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID do not attend these events.

Physical distancing of 6 feet must be maintained at all times.

Please bring a mask.  If physical distancing cannot be maintained you must wear a mask.

Do not gather in groups in the parking lot or around the trap fields.

The clubs and their volunteers will have many new rules and measures put in place to ensure the safety of the participants.  Please respect and follow the new guidelines set by each club so that we can all have a fun and safe time.

Please contact one of the club representatives for more information.



Guests at the Range

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The executive team has been very busy reviewing all the COVID protocols and staying on top the latest news and updates.

At this time they feel we are safe to open the range up to guests.  Please read below carefully.


All members and guests must sign in.

Members must wear / display their membership card at all times.

Members are responsible for the guest they bring.


At the Handgun ranges, Rifle range, Archery range, and Fishing Pond = A member in good standing is allowed to have ONE guest at the range.


Trap = guests are welcome


Sporting Clays = guests are welcome


Thank you