Our rifle range has 15 covered shooting stations. Station 1 is a bench for 25 yard sighting of new scopes/rifles. Stations 2 and 3 are free hand stations and can be used at 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards. The remaining 12 stations are bench rest only, and can be used on the paper target only  boards at 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards, and 200 yards. We also have reactive targets {steel gongs} in a bunker at 200 yards.


Rules and Expectations for Use of Rifle Range

These rules apply to all members and guests using range

Before use of range everyone must sign in at the handgun pavilion and make sure flag is up and open/closed range sign is in the open position.

Guests are the responsibility of members and you are to see that safety rules and practices are being followed even if that means you cannot shoot.

Hearing protection and safety glasses are required during live range times.

All firearms are to be kept in a safe state unless in use.

A rest must be used i.e.: rifle rest/ bipod/lead sled on all benches except for the standing stations.

There is NO handguns of any type permitted at this range.

Newly scoped or firearms that are being sited for first time must be sited at the 25 yard First.

If no Range Officer is present then someone must assume this role, calling for ceasefires and stating range as open.

During ceasefire

All firearms must be in a safe state, no one may load, play with, adjust, or in any other way tinker with firearms; you must be away from firearms at this time.

This is the time to put new targets up or remove old ones. At no time during live range is anyone ever to step on to range floor!

During Live Fire

This is the time you may shoot, pack up or get new firearms out

It is the exception that all guests and members are to be courteous at all times; this is a place we get to enjoy our sport. Not all members are into the types of firearms you are, not all members may be at the same skill level, not everyone can afford the best of the best, not all members reload, not all members have the experience you do.

Help them if asked, educate them if asked or if you see them struggling with something don’t condescend or belittle; this is our place of refuge from the gun hating world!