Range Closure Update – April 4th

I am sending this email to all the wonderful members of the OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB that have been so patiently been waiting for the range to reopen.

I have NEWS

As of 11:59 pm Saturday April 4 2020 the mandatory closure of NON-ESSENTIAL business, services etc. etc. has been extended for another two weeks.

So at this point

We get to keep waiting

I am NOT advertising a REOPENING date until we are officially told we can reopen.

The OTTER VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB is CLOSED to all of us and will reopen when we are LEGALLY allowed to.

So in the meantime keep watching Richard Simmons workout videos or whatever other reruns you can find that aren’t worth watching.

Please let’s all do our part to stay safe and pull through this together, so we can get back to everything we love to do.

The April executive meeting has been CANCELED