Message from the President – Guests at Range

Good day everyone

The topic of guest(s) at the range has been a popular topic with everyone since we have been allowed to reopen

Step one has been past by the EXECUTIVE & DIRECTORS at the June meeting to allow guests to the range for our PAY TO PLAY events
Example: 5-Stand, Sporting Clays, Trap

It was decided at the July meeting to wait until the August meeting to make a decision on allowing guest(s) to the range for ALL other segments

It was decided at the July meeting to open the indoor range with capacity restrictions

I would also like everyone to read the following message

It is well understood by everyone that we are currently living in a time that non of us were accustomed to and that disinfecting wipes are being used more often then Tim Hortons pours a cup of coffee
With that being said if you choose to use disinfecting wipes during your visit to the range please dispose of them in a proper manner ie: trash receptacle

If you feel that you need to dispose of your disinfecting wipes on the ground where you finished using it I am going to be BLUNT and say don’t bother coming to the range

We have members that VOLUNTEER their time to keep our facilities in tip top condition and don’t like having to pick other peoples TRASH up that are being left on the ground

Until next time stay safe and have fun

President OVR&GC