Beautiful Summer Day for Sporting Clays !

Thank you to everyone who came out for our July 7th Sporting Clays Event .

The Humidity lifted and we had a beautiful summer day to shoot in .


We wanted to say congratulations to the CWTF Sporting Clay Giveaway Winners .

Jenn , Richard , Shawna , Sheri , Jeff , and Sebastian won a round of sporting clays at the CWTF Tri-County Mossy Heads banquet .

It was very nice to meet all of you and we hope to see you back .


Please check out the CWTF Tri-County Mossy Heads, they are a not-for-profit organization that promote conservation, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor and wildlife oriented activities.


Sporting Clays is an excellent way to get ready for the up coming Fall Hunting Seasons .

We hope to see you all out at our next Sporting Clay Event on August 11th .