Sporting Clays – September 13th

Sporting Clay’s  –  September 13th

Sign in will be from 8:30am to 9:30am

Rifle range, outdoor handgun range, and fishing pond will be closed until 3pm


Please read info below carefully.

If you are not feeling well or have any symptoms of COVID 19 do not come to the range.

If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or has symptoms of COVID-19 do not come to the range.

Wearing a mask is now mandatory in all indoor public spaces and outdoor public spaces where physical distancing cannot be achieved.

Please bring a mask and carry it with you in case you find yourself in a situation were physical distancing cannot be observed.

Use our facility at your own risk.


Sign will be done a little differently.  We will setup a sign in desk outside.  Do not go in the clubhouse to sign in.


Please determine your squad up ahead of time.

Squad size can be 3 to 7 people.   Maximum 7 people to a squad to ensure physical distancing at shooting stations.

Assign one person from your squad to come up to the sign in desk.

Give this person the First and Last names of everyone in the squad and the cash to sign in.


This person will:

–          Sign in your squad

–          Pay for everyone.  (Please bring the exact amount of cash, we will not give out change)

–          We will have score cards available

–          We will not be loaning out clip boards or pencils.  Please bring your own.


After signing in EVERYONE must wait at their vehicle until your squad is called

–          Do not gather in groups in the parking lot.

–          Do not gather at Station 1 and wait for your turn.


You must maintain the required Physical distancing of 6 feet while at the shooting stations.

Bring hand sanitizer and clean your hands before and after each station.

Wear a mask when six feet of physical distancing cannot be achieved.

If there is a squad at a station, let them finish and leave the station before you approach the station.

When you are done your round please leave the property in a timely manner.  No loitering in the parking lot.


Let’s all stay safe, stay positive, and have fun.

Thank you