Five Stand

Five Stand is a clay target sport in which a participant uses a shotgun to break clay targets out of the air.  It can be described as a mixture of Trap and Sporting Clays.

A Five Stand Field has five shooting positions (like Trap) and many clay throwers with multiple target presentations (like sporting clays).  A round of Five Stand consists of five targets at each of the five shooting positions.  You will get an opportunity at 25 targets throughout a complete round of Five Stand.

One round of Five Stand is $5.

Most people use an Over Under, Semi-Automatic, or Pump action shotgun.  The firearm must be able to hold 2 shells at a time.

Please bring hearing and eye protection, and chokes if your shotgun has removable chokes (Skeet or IC choke is recommended).  The ammunition that you bring must be 2-3/4″ target ammunition.  #7.5 , #8 , or #9 shot.  1-1/8 oz max or 3-1/4 dram max.

Five Stand is held periodically at Otter Valley Rod & Gun Club.  Please watch the online calendar for Five Stand dates.